Hones waiting to be sold at Ardennes Coticule

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layer: "La Veinette"
extracted: Coticule Quarry at Ol Preu.
size:   irregularly shaped "bout", parallelogram, long sides approx. 120mm, width 65mm
natural combination hone: thickness of Coticule: 5-7mm, thickness of BBW: 10-12mm

speed with slurry: fast (range: very slow - slow - moderate - moderately fast - fast - very fast)
speed with water:  moderate (range: very slow - slow- moderate)
slurry: a clear sensation of fine abrasion, typical sound of "sharpening steel" Slurry turns gray quickly.
water: same sensation of abrasion, but less prominent. No draw.
Slurry specifics: good slurry release.
Sharpness level coming off slurry: ++ (range: + shaves my armhair barely, ++ shaves my armheir well, +++ sufficient to shave my face)
Finishing properties, water only: Engaging  (range: brisk - engaging - mellow)
Dilucot: follow standard procedure.
Unicot: follow standard procedure.
Touch-up hone, use with water: capable of edge maintenance at early signs of edge deterioration.