At the launch of a new website

Dear visitor,
After nearly 3 months of work, it is with humble pride, but also with the anxiety of a parent that sends his child for the first day to school, that I transfer these web pages to the front-end of, for them to be publicly available to whomever wishes to seek and find more information about Belgian Coticule Whetstones.
As much confidence I have in my knowledge about these sharpening stones, as insecure I am with my unhoned skills to develop and maintain a web site. The current incarnation of this web site has been positively tested with Firefox and various versions of Internet Explorer, but indubitably some visitors will experience unforeseen problems. As the site expands, I'm sure we will have to digest our share of growing pains and child's diseases. I hope you can bear with us.
Please feel free to report bugs, typos, bad English (not my native language) and other calamities. I also look forward to every suggestion you might have for the improvement and/or expansion of content and functionality on
All feedback can be e-mailed to (for security reasons, you need to change the zero behind the C of C0ticule into a regular "o")
I welcome you to sign up for membership. It's completely free, and unleashes several extras such as full access to the cafeteria (a small forum), the free honing service and the possibility to purchase one of the painstakingly selected hones in the Coticule Vault (with the cherished cooperation of Ardennes Coticule, and upon availability)
My special thanks goes out to:
Dan Elam, Robin Kroha,  David Polan, Kris Van Dyck, Ray Habyan, Maurice and Rob Celis of Ardennes Coticule, for keeping the great Coticule legacy alive and kicking.

Bart Torfs, September 2009.

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