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This stone has an overall homogenous appearance with only very few faint manganese lines.  One of them almost appears to be a crack, but it cannot be felt by fingernail, razor, or finger pad so it must be a manganese inclusion.  There are also several very faint white lines barely visible on the surface as well as the lateral side of the stone.

Although this stone was glued to BBW, it appears to have been harvested from a vein that bordered BBW naturally as there is a section of BBW visible on the right side next to the glue line seen on the lateral side in these pictures. 

Additionally, there's a very small corner of the right of the surface of the hone (surface above the natural bbw observed earlier) that has a slightly "wood grain" pattern. 

Due to it's size, it's ideally suited for smiling edges, warped razors, or any other razor that needs special attention in small sections.  However, it's size also requires a few more strokes than wider stones of similar width, but this is not a "slow" cutting stone.

Coticule Dimensions:
155mm X 30mm

Speed on slurry:

Feedback on slurry:
There's a faint sensation of abrasion and typical sound of abrading steel. The slurry starts very pale and turns gray slowly.


Slurry Keenness Limit:
shaves arm hair well

Speed on water:

Feedback on water:
There's a very faint sensation of abrasion, and the surface feels very smooth under the blade. If there is a part of the edge that is lacking, it is obvious with a slow, steady stroke.

Edge Qualification:

This stone was purchased on eBay as part of Coticule.be's efforts to map and understand stones mined by companies that are no longer operational.  No other history is known about it.

In evaluating the stone, it was used on several razors including Sheffield, German, and Chinese steel.  It was used to do some very light restorative work on the heel of a razor that needed special attention, and it performed admirably.  It is capable of bringing back an edge in at it's earliest signs of degradation within 80-100 strokes.

Current Location:
Available for Sale in Northwest Louisiana, USA for $60 USD plus actual shipping anywhere in the world

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