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Coticule "Bout Rustique". Possibly of the Les Latneuses layer. For more information about "Bouts Rustiques", read the Background paragraph below.

Coticule has a pinkish hue overall, except a very thin cream-colored layer at one side of the stone. A manganese filled crack runs diagonally across the hone. This has no functional effects on the hone's performance.
There is a dimple in the surface, at the pinkish side of the hone. Also this poses no problem for honing. The dimple could be lapped out, but this would cost a mm of the rock's thickness.

Coticule Dimensions:
Bout if 20 mm thickness: 132mm long, 73mm at wide end, 35mm at narrow end

Speed on slurry:

Feedback on slurry:
Typical feel of abrasion combined with a slight draw that seems to promote excellent contact between razor and hone. Slurry turns gray almost immediately.


Slurry Keenness Limit:
shaves arm hair well

Speed on water:

Feedback on water:
This Coticule has a nice speed on water, which makes it forgiving for a less than perfectly executed dilution phase during the Dilucot procedure. Even coming of a milky slurry, if you spend enough time on water only, you'll arrive at a great and keen edge. Coticule maintains a nice feedback of abrasion on water only, including the slight draw that seems to help good contact between hone and razor.

Edge Qualification:

"Bouts Rustiques" are made from chunks of raw Coticule that are floating around everywhere at the quarry. Coticule rock is normally extracted by blasting large blocks from the massive rock. These massive blocks are then divided in manageable pieces with aid of a large motorized diamond stone saw.
But all this industrial activity also scatters fragments of rock that are lying around in the quarry everywhere. Every now and than, all chunks that look to contain a nice hone are collected and turned into usable hone. By their nature, the finished hones have a distinct "Fred Flintstone" appearance. There are generally also quite thick, with no slate or BBW attached.

Current Location:
Ardennes Coticule storage room

availability for reservation:
available from Ardennes Coticule

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