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Coticule ID:


Natural combination Coticule/BBW, of the La Nouvelle Veine layer.

The BBW has a white vein running diagonally across its surface, which does not impart its functionality.

Coticule Dimensions:
bout: 140mm long, 33mm wide

Speed on slurry:

Feedback on slurry:
Sensation of very fine abrasion, rapid black discoloration indicated a speed in the upper regions of the Coticule scale. Abrasive feeling fades almost not as the slurry is diluted with water. The surface of this speedy Coticule rubs steel off the razor, leaving marks as if you were rubbing with a pencil instead of a steel object. It's that fast. The gray traces easily come of when the surface is hand rubbed under running water.

minimal traces

Slurry Keenness Limit:
shaves arm hair well

Speed on water:

Feedback on water:
Relatively fast on water, perhaps caused by an almost noticeable auto-slurrying. For keenest results, it's recommended to do the final finishing laps under a running tap, though this is not absolutely necessary to get a great shaving edge from this specimen.

Edge Qualification:

This Coticule was selected by me (Bart), during a visit at Ardennes. It has perfect size for razor honing and comes from the layer that remains most enigmatic to me: La Nouvelle Veine. This is one of the fastest Coticules I've ever encountered, with a surprisingly smooth feedback.

Current Location:
Ardennes Coticule storage room

availability for reservation:
available from Ardennes Coticule

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