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Natural combination Coticule/BBW, of the La Veinette layer.

Typically cream colored Coticule, with a few scarce traces of black manganese lines.

This is a small, narrow Coticule, ideal to sharpen razors with a smiling edge or blades with a slight warp. Though it will just as easily sharpen any other razor.

Coticule Dimensions:
bout: 160mm long, 27mm at wide end, 19mm at narrow end

Speed on slurry:

Feedback on slurry:
A clear abrasive sensation and sound that gradually dissipates to almost glass-like while the slurry is being diluted with water. Black discoloration after a few sharpening strokes.


Slurry Keenness Limit:
shaves arm hair well

Speed on water:

Feedback on water:
Faint sensation of very fine abrasion. Slight draw.

Edge Qualification:

The La Veinette layer is one of the most renowned. It was in the old days used to produce hones for the most expensive Coticule gradations. This was probably due to the spotless pale creamy appearance , the fast abrasive properties, and the quality consistency of the entire layer.

La Veinettes are nearly always naturally bonded to a BBW. The "La Veinette" BBW has started to gather quite a reputation on its own, notably for the easy at which it delivers good keenness.

Current Location:
Ardennes Coticule storage room

availability for reservation:
available from Ardennes Coticule

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