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Natural combination Coticule from the La Petite Blanche layer.

This qualifies as a "pocket" Coticule (see dimensions), but will hone a razor like no tomorrow. Twin brother of n°77, but without the manganese spots.

Coticule Dimensions:
107mm X 26mm

Speed on slurry:

Feedback on slurry:
This specimen behave like a typical La Petite Blanche. On slurry, there is a clear sensation of very fine abrasion, that slowly fades as the slurry is diluted during the Dilucot procedure.


Slurry Keenness Limit:
shaves arm hair marginally

Speed on water:

Feedback on water:
If you let it autoslurry, speed will be faster, but the slurry limits the end keenness to some extent. Either finish with light laps (to avoid the autoslurrying behavior) or finish under a running tap (the faintest stream will do). Feedback sensation: an agreeable draw combined with a minor hint of extremely fine abrasion.

Edge Qualification:

La Petite Blanche is one of the most consisten layers in its properites of good abrasive speed, combined with the ability to produce the famous skin-friendly Coticule edge. It does take some practice and knowledge before this legendary shaving edge can be coaxed out of the hone, though that only doubles the award for the succeeding user.

This is a very small and narrow sample, probably not the best option if you've yet to master Coticule honing. Though, if you alread own another Coticule and wanted to know what the La Petite Blanche  layer is all about, the price of this bout size 3 (12 EUR at present) won't break the bank.

Current Location:
Ardennes Coticule storage room

availability for reservation:
available from Ardennes Coticule

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