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Alternative picture:

Combination Coticule of the Les Latneuses layer, slower band (see "background" description below)

The properties are stated for the cream-colored Coticule side. More information about the "hybrid" side in the "background" description.

Coticule Dimensions:
200mm x 60mm

Speed on slurry:

Feedback on slurry:
A clear sensation of very fine abrasion, with a typical sonority of "sharpening steel". A mild draw helps to maintain steady contact between a razor and the stone's surface.


Slurry Keenness Limit:
shaves arm hair marginally

Speed on water:

Feedback on water:
A very faint sensation of abrasion. A mild draw helps to maintain steady contact between a razor and the stone's surface.

Edge Qualification:


Les Latneuses. The word is plural, and that is not a coincidence. The entire layer consists of one hybrid band, sandwiched in between 2 Coticule bands. All three bands are approximately 15mm wide. In the ideal situation, they slice a raw chunk of Les Latneuses in 2 pieces: one piece with the hybrid side + one Coticule side. The remaining Coticule side is glued to slate.

Description of the 3 bands.

1. The "hybrid" part is always very hard, moderate in speed, and easily leaves a keen and mellow edge. It has only mild slurry dulling.
There are almost always inclusions present in the hybrid side and differences in hardness that affect the honing feedback, but this poses no problems with this Coticule.

2. a fast Coticule band of Les Latneuses (not present in this specimen) Very fast on slurry, with a prominent feel of (fine) abrasion. Yields a lovely engaging finish on water.

3. a less fast, but by no means slow, Coticule band (present in this specimen) This band can be recognized by the presence of a series of blue hairlines, showing up at the cross section of the hone. Note that the "faster" band can have a sparse blue hairline too.

Some "fast band" Les Latneuses have a very slight pinkish hue (not applicable to this specimen), where most of them are pale yellow. This slight pinkish hue often indicates a striking speed on water.

Current Location:
Ardennes Coticule storage room

availability for reservation:
available from Ardennes Coticule

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