Hones waiting to be sold at Ardennes Coticule

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layer: "La Dressante"
extracted: Coticule Quarry at Ol Preu.
size:  irregularly shaped "bout", equidistant long sides: 4.2cm, median length: 16cm.
speed with slurry: fast (range: very slow - slow - moderate - moderately fast - fast - very fast)
speed with water:  very slow (range: very slow - slow- moderate)
slurry: a modest sensation of fine abrasion, typical sound of "sharpening steel" Slurry turns gray quickly.
water:a smooth glide, no direct sensation of abrassion.
Slurry specifics: good slurry release. requires a bit of extra rubbing with slurry stone.
Sharpness level coming off slurry: ++ (range: + shaves my armhair barely, ++ shaves my armheir well, +++ sufficient to shave my face)
Finishing properties, water only:  excellent. hone leaves very smooth edge. no significant edge refinement.
Dilucot: follow standard procedure. Double stroke count near the end of the dilution phase.
Unicot: follow standard procedure.
Touch-up hone, use with very light slurry: capable of reclaiming slightly dulling edges. 30+ laps. Finish on water.

Additional remarks: This is n°11's twin brother. Even direct side-by-side comparison reveals no differences, with the one exception that n°14 is a bit paler reddish.  The Coticule delivers excellent edges on razors. Hard and fast (slurry) Coticule it exels as well for heavy work on chisels and blade blades. A fast bevel worker, that leaves a clean crispy edge.