Hones waiting to be sold at Ardennes Coticule

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layer: "La Petit Blanche"
extracted: Coticule Quarry at Ol Preu.
size: 3.5cm X 24cm, rectangular hone.
natural combination hone: thickness of Coticule: 4 - 11mm / thickness of BBW: 9-24mm
the Coticule is really thin at only a small part of the stone. I holds decades of frequent use. If it ever wears out at the thinest part, this hone can be shortened to 18cm, where the layer is nearly twice as thick.

speed with slurry: fast (range: very slow - slow - moderate - moderately fast - fast - very fast)
speed with water:  moderate (range: very slow - slow- moderate)
slurry: a clear sensation of fine abrasion, typical sound of "sharpening steel" Slurry turns gray quickly.
water:a faint sensation of very fine abrasion.
Slurry specifics: good slurry release.
Sharpness level coming off slurry: ++ (range: + shaves my armhair barely, ++ shaves my armheir well, +++ sufficient to shave my face)
Finishing properties, water only: water only:  excellent. hone leaves very smooth edge.  good edge refinement.
Dilucot: follow standard procedure.
Unicot: follow standard procedure.
Touch-up hone, use with water: capable of reclaiming slightly dulling edges. 30 -60 laps depending on edge condition.

Extra remark: at 3.5cm, this hone is excellent for honing all types of razors, and has an advantage for honing "smiling" and slightly warped blades. It's length makes it a dream adopt a fast and steady honing stroke.