Hones waiting to be sold at Ardennes Coticule

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layer: "La Veine aux Clous"
extracted: Coticule Quarry at Ol Preu.
size: rectangular hone, 5cm X 15cm.
natural combination hone: thickness of Coticule: 16mm / thickness of BBW: 15mm
speed with slurry: slow (range: very slow - slow - moderate - moderately fast - fast - very fast)
speed with water: slow (range: very slow - slow- moderate)
slurry: a very clear sensation of abrasion, faint grating sound, both caused by the structure of the hone, make the hone seem faster than it actually is. This is a slow Coticule.
water:a clear sensation of abrasion.
Slurry specifics: good slurry release, rapid auto-slurry production.
Sharpness level coming off slurry: not applicable, hone generates too much slurry and is to slow to be used for bevel correction.
Finishing properties, water only:  excellent. hone must be used under a slow running tap. Very keen and mellow edge (range: brisk - engaging - mellow) Edge looks more polished than typical for Coticules.
Dilucot:  Correct bevel on other hone. follow standard procedure, but add water often to counteract auto slurrying behavior.
Unicot: Correct bevel on other hone. follow standard procedure. finish under running tap.
Touch-up hone, use with water: capable of reclaiming slightly dulling edges. 60 -100 laps depending on edge condition.

Extra remark: BBW-side has dark spots, that are typical for this layer ("La Veine aux Clous" translates " The Layer with the Nails"). They don't interfere with honing. BBW is on the slower side, but works well.