Do I really need a Coticule for sharpening a straight razor?

No. It is a matter of preference. Just like you don't really need a straight razor in order to get a clean shave, you don't necessarily need a Coticule to sharpen a straight razor. There are many other options to put a great edge on a razor. But as straight razor shaving is the most artisan way to shave, we at feel that using a Coticule is the most artisan way to sharpen a razor. Coticules have a legacy that goes back to ancient Roman times. Some people find that appealing. Yet the shaving results of a Coticule edge can easily meet those obtained from modern high-tech synthetic hones and it remains one of the most skin friendly edges one can ever shave with.

Last update on 2009-09-04 by Bart Torfs.

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