Rules of conduct

Welcome at the Cafeteria! Here you can exchange ideas with Coticule users from around the globe. Every visitor is free to read these forums, but you need to sign up for membership (it's free!) if you want to join the conversation. Please behave politely and keep an open mind. If you feel the need to debate, make sure to stay on topic: no name calling or character assaults will be allowed. The bartender of this joint has a short temper and a long memory. If you fail to behave like a gentleman, you 'll be asked to leave. No commercial activity of any kind is allowed, except in the "marketplace forum" that has a few additional rules, declared in the next paragraph. Feel free to review products and services, but don't use these forums to settle a dispute with a store or any other organization or person, alive or dead. All other problems will be dealt with by the bartender(s) case by case.

Additional rules for "Marketplace" forum.

Start a new thread for every separate item or service your are offering for sale. Clearly state the price in the first post. If there will be an additional postage fee, clearly state this with the item for sale.  If you want to drop the price, announce the new price in the subject line of a new post.
We do not allow bidding. This is not an auction site.
Seeking profit does not discharge you from honesty. Discribe your items perspicuously and truthfully. Do not pry on other people's ignorance. We have no other option than to ban you from all forum sections if you violate these rules!

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