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Carlos J (donald)
Posts: 47
Nice to meet you Gary.

Yeah, I imagined most of the faces differently. Is good to see you all!

2010-10-02 15:22
From: Poland
Posts: 1047
Matt, I could use your help with linking pictures form Dropbox. All I get is some https:// link that doesn't work for linking pictures in a post.

Any ideas?


It seems that a picture can be either accessed via a gallery, or via Public folder. They didn't think of integrating these features, apparently. :|

So the easiest way is just to copy the file into "Public" folder. If you've installed Dropbox on your machine, the easiest way is to open this folder and choose "Copy public link" from the Dropbox context menu, and that's all. I link all images like this. If you do it through a browser (which is more hassle IMO), after uploading to the "Public" folder, you enter it, and you can traditionally right click and "copy link location" - or hover wherever over the line with the filename (but not the filename itself) click once and dropdown menu appears where you can copy the link, too. There's even the third redundant option, but allow me to pass on this :)

I don't remember whether you're the type who reads the manuals or not, but just in case here is something useful. Nevertheless I'll always be glad to help. :)

"Very interesting indeed :) I did something similar with cheese a while ago" - Dr Ralfson
2010-10-02 17:06
Posts: 202

YOWSA!!! :blink:

Way Cool!!

Great Pics! Wish I could have been there! :thumbup: :thumbup:
2010-10-03 12:46
Posts: 71
I REALY wanted to go on this trip, and looking at all these pictures isn't making me feel any better about not going :(
I am still glad I took my girlfriend to Brussels last month instead of going with you guys. It just wouln't have been fair.
And I managed to get a little souvinir in the shape of a "Tuckmar Bartputzer".
Glad you all had a nice time anyway.
2010-10-03 13:26