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Mike Shaw (kg4ghn)
From: United States
Posts: 57
My apologies, Bart. I have edited my post. If you want to delete the quote from your post it will be gone from your site.

I will say that as an American, and as a southerner for my entire life, that I do know a few people like what is described. However, they are a VERY small minority and to imply that the entire country is made up of such is disrespectful and just plain crude.

I am sure that there are still a few racist people left in Germany, there are everywhere, but one does not say that all Germans are still Nazis. That is plainly wrong. It would offend people, and rightly so, to say that. What was said is not any different and it was hard to not jump on that the minute I read it.
2011-01-12 20:00