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Bart Torfs (Bart)
From: Belgium
Posts: 5001
Dear members,

Some clarifications.

We would like to emphasize that The Coticule Tavern, The Razors Inn and The Razor Hospital are technical forums. The purpose is twofold:

In the first place, we'd like to see that the originator of a thread is rewarded with an answer to his question(s) or an intelligent conversation about the topic he opened.
And in the second place, we hope to offer a wealth of useful information for those who might arrive here later on.

What these 3 forum sections are not, is a public place where you can seek controversy for the sake of it, a discussion for the sports, an exhaust for frustrations, or an escape out of daily boredom.
Posts based on such - and similar - inspirations are only causing noise in a thread. They discourage the future reader and bring down the conversation to a level that shows little respect for those who are genuinely trying to contribute to the thread.

We call upon all to apply some self-criticism before posting in a thread of the 3 aforementioned sections. If you provide information, make sure it is backed by personal experience. There is already enough unconfirmed, and even blatantly wrong information on the Internet, there is no need to add to it, by repeating something you read somewhere, unless you have solid reasons to put trust in the quoted source.
If you provide an opinion, make sure that it is presented as such, and - more importantly - make sure that it is an intelligent technical speculation. We don't need political, ethical, social and economical opinions. They disrupt the technical essence of these forum sections, and therefor disrupt the stated goals. If you must discuss one of our typical topics on political, ethical, social and economical grounds, please do so in the Miscellaneous section. We will moderate that section with more latitude.

We realize that some of you might have grown fond of the pub-like atmosphere of the forum. We do not object against some good fun when the circumstances allow for it. We think that most of you are intelligent enough to make that distinction.

These guidelines are not open for debate.

Thank you for your attention,

The associates of

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2011-01-28 20:44