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From: United States
Posts: 1000
You need to log out an log in at (not at
The system generates a different cookie when you are logged in at the address without www, and will treat you as if you're not logged in at the www-address, hence no access to the e-mail service.

I don't think there's a quick fix. The official URL is

Kind regards,

I've fixed this. URLs will be rewritten (only for, not the sandboxes).

Oh, and you still need to log out and back in (but only once ever).
2011-04-18 05:59
Bart Torfs (Bart)
From: Belgium
Posts: 5001
A quick fix after all.:) The difference between a fumbler (me) and a pro (Jared).
Thank you my friend.

Then the light shone, trumpets sounded and I got to the other side, where men shave with smiles on their faces, razors pop hairs, and a continuous choir singing «~~Keen and Smooth~~» is heard everywhere. (Matt)
2011-04-18 10:13