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Thought some of you might like it.

Why do we hide from the police dad?
They don't use crox son. We do.
2011-10-22 23:51
Dr Ralfson Bwhahaha (tat2Ralfy)
Posts: 3610
Didn't understand a word of it :lol:

Interesting video though :thumbup:

Ralfson (Dr)
We Are All Pioneers In Our Own Right.
The Infamous Coticule Crew
Pip Pip Old Bean
2011-10-23 00:13
John Spiers (squeezyjohn)
From: United Kingdom
Posts: 84
Been there :)

It was a great visit, being inside such a huge cavern made by men with really basic technology is very humbling.

It was a particular thrill to see the veins of coticule snaking through the blue stone (BBW) - I took back a loose chunk and lapped it and it's definitely the same stuff. Bart has it now.

I visited an old bakery which still had it's original sink and draining board carved from a single massive slab of blue stone, they didn't only make crosses from it - it's a great material and was used for much of the construction of the houses round there.

Thanks for posting it
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2011-10-23 00:41
Posts: 50
From my very fragile German, schieferstollen = slate mine
2011-10-23 06:08