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Dear all,

I would like to announce that Ardennes-Coticule is currently present at the Christmas-market in Brussels. Maurice (together with Claude) will be there to give grinding demonstrations. I know, you all are already masters in grinding! But they are always happy if people visit and there are many other friendly vendors with all kind of special products such as knives, cheese, food,...!

The market opens at 9.00h and closes at 21.00h, 7days a week until new year.
address: Place saint Catherine, Brussels.

kind regards,
2011-11-28 21:05
From: Belgium
Posts: 693
if they only would come to brugge I would pay them a visit

kind regards
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2011-11-28 21:07
Bart Torfs (Bart)
From: Belgium
Posts: 5001
I'll try to drop by.

Thanks for letting us know, Katrien.

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2011-11-29 22:48
Wim Decraene (decraew)
Insider +1
From: Belgium
Posts: 447
same here, if I visit the kerstmarkt in Brussels this year, I'll sure drop by
2011-11-30 08:04