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Emmanuel Giannoulakis (Emmanuel)
From: Greece
Posts: 942
Only a couple of razors tried where the paper stropping was done after linen and leather. If there's a benefit, I'm unable to detect it. Best results so far are paper after the stones, then linen/leather.

Sorry my friend i perform my experiments and i forgot to share it here.
So after a touch up i jump direct on the paper . The HHT increased but no so much as linen/leather
then i went to linen/leather and i reached the good result as usually on a normal process.I tried paper after L/L but i didn't detect something more.
Best regards
Emmanuel Giannoulakis
from Athens Greece
2011-12-11 12:21
Posts: 273
Thank you, Emmanuel and Pinklather! :thumbup:
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2011-12-11 14:17