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From: United States
Posts: 241
How do guys go about getting that mirror finish on those tarnished Ebay specials? Are there any "homemade" methods like soaking it in vinegar or something? I tried this solution that was specific to silver, and it had no effect on the steel. Is there a good paste/liquid that does the job?

2009-10-24 01:08
Dr Ralfson Bwhahaha (tat2Ralfy)
Posts: 3610
I have worked with metal for nearly 30yrs (No Justin I am not ancient I started real and have found nothing that works better with steel than elbow grease, or machine powered abrasives from rough 80 grit pasted cloth wheels through to soft cotton mops with a light polishing compound and metal polish and a good soft lint free cloth.
I can take a rusty piece of steel thats sat in water for 20yrs and make it shine like a mirror, but there are as far as I know no short cuts just degrees of tarnish and matching degrees of work to remove them
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Pip Pip Old Bean
2009-10-24 01:18