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Dr Ralfson Bwhahaha (tat2Ralfy)
Posts: 3610
don't bother with the lime it drys out so quik

I used to have that problem with my TOBS lemon and Lime, but now I add a squirt of pure glycerine, its transformed it! So I have started adding glycerine to almost all my lathers, and I always lather in a bowl never on my face. :thumbup:

My Mrs fancies the Sandlewood as a xmas pressie for me, do you think making a uberlather with a plain soap e.g. Erasmic would help with the lather and keep the Sandlewood fragrance Gary?
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Pip Pip Old Bean
2009-11-26 21:12
gary haywood (garyhaywood)
From: United Kingdom
Posts: 1678
I'm not sure. The sandle wood seems to be the best seller. The lime does'nt smell that good neither cyril r salter do a nice citrus cream pot.
gary haywood
2009-11-26 21:25