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Hello everyone,

My name is Anne-Katrien Celis and I'm Maurce Celis’ daughter and Rob Celis' sister. Maybe you know both of them from Ardennes-Coticule, the company which sells the Coticule and Belgian Blue whetstones. I’m in my final master year Interior-architecture & Retail Design at the Rotterdam University, the Netherlands. In order to receive the master title of Retail Design it’s obliged to make a thesis. Since the Coticule and BBW are the family pride, I’ve chosen to design both an offline and online retail-concept for Ardennes-Coticule to promote the whetstones ect.

In order to execute my task correctly I need your help. Bart told me that I was allowed to post my questions and ask for help on the forum.

The first step in my research is a questionnaire. I made one in three languages. If you would like to fill it in you can find the link below. Maybe some of you already got this link by email, because I also send it via email to some customers, which ordered a whetstone in 2010.

Link in English:

Link in Dutch:

Link in French:

A second step step in my research is that I’m searching for pictures. Pictures of people using whetstones. I mean you and your stone when sharpening your tool, or pictures of your workplace where you use the stones and tools the most. Example: pictures of a carpenters workplace, a man shaving his beard, ect.

I would like to thank you in advance and I’m looking forward to get many replies!
2011-03-05 19:15
From: United Kingdom
Posts: 240
...and I’m looking forward to get many replies!

Which I'm certain you will.

Welcome here Anne. :)
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2011-03-05 19:27
From: Norway
Posts: 270
Hello Anne-Katrien,

Exciting to hear about your thesis. I have filled out your survey (with, I am afraid, a rather long comment section...). I hope you are able to gather enough detailed information to analyze. I am sure that no-one would mind adding to your data at a later point if you find other questions relevant.

I would also be glad to provide workshop pictures. Is there an address to which they could be sent?

2011-03-05 20:40
From: United States
Posts: 1388
When is the deadline for picture submission?
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2011-03-05 21:19
Dr Ralfson Bwhahaha (tat2Ralfy)
Posts: 3610
Welcome Miss Celis.
I shall be honoured to assist in anyway I can, I will fill out your questionnaire and email you some pictures in due course

Please pass by regards to your Father and Brother
Best wishes
Ralfson (Dr)
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2011-03-06 00:43
Chris Calvé (wdwrx)
From: Canada
Posts: 703
It was my pleasure to help out, even in such a small way.

Wishing you the best with your endevour.:thumbup:

My kindest regards,
2011-03-06 01:55
Emmanuel Giannoulakis (Emmanuel)
From: Greece
Posts: 942
The questionnaire is completed Anne-Katrien.At your disposal.
Best regards
Emmanuel Giannoulakis
from Athens Greece
2011-03-06 02:08
Bart Torfs (Bart)
From: Belgium
Posts: 5001
Welcome Anne-Katrien. Being the only lady on this forum, I'm sure the guys will go to great lengths to make you happy.:)

I've submitted the questionnaire. I'll see if I can find some pictures for you.

Kind regards,
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2011-03-06 02:32
From: United States
Posts: 240
Hello Anne-Katrien Celis,
I wish you to have a very good life in your chosen area of work. I say work, because I have spent more than fifty years doing the modeling and prototyping of such projects. Your career takes work and many long hours for which there will never be full financial remuneration. No remuneration, that is, other than the thrill of seeing the idea, product, design, advertisement that you have brought into being.
None the less, it is a satisfying and rewarding career. Had I chosen any other line of work I would not have learned the many differing skills and aptitudes that I have been able to develop.

I have completed and submitted your questionnaire. Thank you!

Along with the other folks here, I wish you good luck and a rewarding life!
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2011-03-06 04:00
Posts: 273
I filled out the questionnaire, Anne-Katrien. Don't hesitate to ask if you need additional information. Good luck with your thesis.
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2011-03-06 04:16
From: United States
Posts: 386
I completed the questionnaire. It only takes a few minutes for those curious of time involved.
2011-03-06 07:49
Posts: 14
Hello Ms. Anne-Katrien,
I have filled out your survey and submitted it. Please let me know if you should you need anything further. I wish you well in your endeavor.

Very Respectfully
2011-03-06 10:08
Hello everyone,

Thank you for the good response! It will help me a lot!
In my previous post I asked if some of you would like to send me some pictures of the place/ environment you use the stone the most. You can send them to
You can be as creative as you want, I'm just researching the relationship men/women-stone-tool-environment.

Furthermore, If you have some more ideas, suggestions, criticism ect. Feel free to mail it to me or post at the bottem this post.

2011-03-06 10:23
From: United States
Posts: 43
Filled out the form, good luck with your career. As always, this analytical and obsessive crew would be interested in your survey results and your thesis to the extent you can and want to share it. Sounds like a fun project.
Rick Edwards
2011-03-06 18:09
Posts: 84
I was happy to participate in your thesis. For those of you that are on the fence about doing it, the survey took me all of about five minutes.

I appreciate that you would ask us all for help with your paper.
2011-03-10 01:25